Charity FAQ

Following recent changes with charity and deductible gift recipient rules, we have developed an FAQ for your reference. 

Are you a charity? 

Yes. Ambulance Wish Western Australia is an entirely charitable organisation. We have no employees & all members of our organisation are volunteers who offer their free time without claiming any financial reward. Ambulance Wish Western Australia is a WA incorporated association and is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). 

Can I claim my donation back on tax? 

Yes. Ambulance Wish Western Australia is registered with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia and, being an entirely volunteer managed charity, you can be sure that 100% of your donation is used to fund the Final Wish Programme.

How much does a wish cost? 

In short, it varies. We fulfil all of our wishes at no cost to the recipient. One of the fundamental principles of the (international) Ambulance Wish movement is that ambulance wishes should be free and accessible to all, however, delivery of the service (including equipping and maintaining Wish Ambulances) is not without cost. The cost of each individual wish will vary due to distance travelled, time taken and medical complexity of care provided. The more wishes we complete, however, the lower the overhead cost per wish. Currently, taking into account average number of wishes and recent wish provision, as well as essential program operating costs (vehicles/ volunteer uniform/ insurances/ etc.), a single wish costs almost $2,500. Ambulance Wish Western Australia receives no Government funding and is dependent upon donations from individuals and business’ to enable them to fulfil final wishes. As such, the number of wishes which can be fulfilled is entirely dependent upon the donations received by the charity. 

Can I make weekly donations? 

Yes. The donation form on our website allows your donation to be made either as a one-off or daily, weekly, quarterly or annually. Alternatively, you can establish a bank transfer/ standing order between bank accounts with an interval of your choosing. Charity donations don’t have to be huge. In fact, smaller regular donations are often easier on your pocket and can provide us with a reliable source of funding, meaning that our long-term planning can be far more effective.

Where do my donations go?

All donations are used by the charity to fund the final wish programme (unless otherwise specified by the donor, e.g. for specific items of equipment). There are no employee salaries to pay, director remunerations or marketing company fees – the single mission of the charity is to fulfil as many final wishes as possible and all donations are utilised to achieve this aim. Direct costs include Wish Ambulance maintenance, insurances, fuel, medical equipment and consumables, HQ rent and utilities and volunteer workwear. Volunteers also donate their time, experience and knowledge to manage the charity, including designing and maintaining the websites and publications. 

Can I organise a fundraiser for you? 

Absolutely! We welcome and support fundraising events to raise essentials funds for Ambulance Wish WA. Our WA Charitable Fundraising Licence No. is CC22633. In addition to creating dedicated fundraising pages on the website, the Charity’s Management Committee can work with you to organise specific events or activities. 

Are there any other ways in which I can raise funds for your charity? 

Yes. Involve yourself with Western Australia’s recycling project and make a donation to Ambulance Wish Western Australia. Simply collect your aluminium, glass, plastic, steel, and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L, drop to your nearest depot for a refund and use our code C10405107 to make a donation to Ambulance Wish Western Australia.

You can visit our online shop and purchase items, such as our lapel pin or exclusive t-shirts, to raise funds and awareness by wearing our merchandise.

Spread the word of Ambulance Wish Western Australia by sharing our news and features on your social media accounts and encourage discussions on the benefits of fulfilling final wishes. You can also invite Ambulance Wish Western Australia to your business, organisation or group to describe the work of our heartwarming Charity and the benefits of fulfilling final wishes for those who are terminally ill or receiving palliative care. 

I’m not in a position to donate, but I have free time – can I volunteer?

Yes. Time is the most valuable commodity you have, if you can volunteer we would love to hear from you. At Ambulance Wish Western Australia volunteers are the backbone of our organisation, from the management committee to the office help, from the dedicated volunteer drivers and attending health care professionals to the community fundraisers. Everyone plays a part in fulfilling the last wishes and creating lasting memories. We have a range of volunteer roles available to suit your needs, skill set or interest. Please visit our volunteer page for further details.