Volunteer week

Happy National Volunteers Week! At Ambulance Wish WA, we want to take a moment to thank our incredible volunteers who fulfil final wishes for those with a terminal illness or receiving palliative care. This year’s theme is ‘The Change Makers,’ and that’s exactly what our volunteers are. They bring positive change with their selflessness, dedication, […]

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Home visit

Peter’s wish was to visit home, see his beloved cat and have a meal with his family. This week Peter was able to leave his bed at St John of God Murdoch Hospice, where he has been for over 40 days, to visit home. Thanks to volunteers Andrew, Pam and Tracey for accompanying Peter on

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Charity FAQ

Following recent changes with charity and deductible gift recipient rules, we have developed an FAQ for your reference.  Are you a charity?  Yes. Ambulance Wish Western Australia is an entirely charitable organisation. We have no employees & all members of our organisation are volunteers who offer their free time without claiming any financial reward. Ambulance

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Peppi was delighted to be able to attend Palliative Care WA’s ‘Palliative care volunteering – A crucial piece of the jigsaw’ with Ambulance Wish Western Australia’s Management Committee Chair, Susie, last week. The consultation event drew a very engaged group of participants who had the opportunity to contribute to the development of a palliative care

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Beer & mates

Rhys’ wish was to visit the beach and have a beer with friends and family. This week Rhys was able leave his bed at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, where he has been for over 70 days, to visit City Beach and have a beer (or two) with his mates. His friend, Wayne, described how they

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2022 report

Ambulance Wish WA has published its Annual Report 2022, highlighting the work of the charity during 2020-2021, the first year of fulfilling final wishes. The report was approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held on the 22 March 2023.  The annual report details important information about Ambulance Wish Western Australia and its work over

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Wave watching

Glenn’s wish was to visit the beach and watch the waves. Last week Glenn was able to leave his bed at Fiona Stanley Hospital to visit Coogee Beach and watch the waves with his friend. Thanks to volunteers Andrew, Erin and Susie for accompanying Glenn on his wish. The Ambulance Wish Western Australia final wish

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Visit home

Nigel’s wish was to visit home and spend time with his family. Last weekend Nigel was able leave his bed at Joondalup Hospital to visit home and spend time with his wife and children, including his daughter who flew in from New Zealand that morning. Thanks to volunteers Elissa, Kylie and Susie for accompanying Nigel

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Watch sunset

Things don’t always go to plan. S’s wish was to watch the sunset with her young family, but when it became clear she was not well enough to travel with volunteers Andrew, Leanne and Rebecca, Peppi brought the sunset to her instead, delivering images and video so that she could watch from her bed. There

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See family

Kay’s wish was to visit home and spend time with her family. This week Kay was able leave her bed at Joondalup Hospital Palliative Care Unit to visit home and have lunch with her husband and children. Thanks to volunteers Amy and Susie for accompanying Kay on her wish. The Ambulance Wish Western Australia final

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