Mental health

Peppi is delighted to announce that Ambulance Wish Western Australia is now a community partner of the Act, Belong, Commit programme.

Act, Belong, Commit is WA’s longest running mental health promotion campaign and encourages people to take action to improve and protect their mental health and wellbeing, promotes good mental health strategies at the individual and community level, and encourages the creation of supportive environments for good mental health across a variety of settings.

Community Partners, such as Ambulance Wish Western Australia, are local, grass-roots community groups that provide a diverse range of opportunities for people to be active, connect with others and do meaningful activities. Community Partners encourage their members, volunteers and stakeholders to adopt the Act Belong Commit principles. By attaching the Act Belong Commit branding and message to their activities, Community Partners showcase the many ways individuals can take part in activities that support and protect positive mental health and wellbeing.

While many things in life are beyond our control, when it comes to our mental health, there are known and trusted things that we can do to help keep mentally healthy. Being proactive and prioritising our mental health and wellbeing is key. The most effective way to promote and support your mental health is found in the principles of Act Belong Commit. Being active, having a sense of belonging and a purpose in life all contribute to good mental health. What matters most is putting these three words into action.

The Act Belong Commit 3-step Mental Wellbeing Quiz is a valuable resource for Western Australians to check in with their wellbeing and collectively rate their involvement in mentally healthy activities – delving into the three domains of Act Belong Commit experience.

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