Beer & mates

Rhys’ wish was to visit the beach and have a beer with friends and family.

This week Rhys was able leave his bed at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, where he has been for over 70 days, to visit City Beach and have a beer (or two) with his mates. His friend, Wayne, described how they both used to swim at City Beach when they were kids, before it was built up.

Thanks to volunteers Jos and Gary for accompanying Rhys on his wish.

Special thanks to City of Perth SLSC for facilitating beach access and assisting in letting him feel the sand and ocean water on his foot.

The Ambulance Wish Western Australia final wish programme is only made possible through donations, and so we are extremely grateful to everyone who helps us create special memories for people like Rhys.

If you would like to help our charity fulfil more final wishes and create forever memories, please make a donation to Ambulance Wish Western Australia via