Visit Cottesloe

Geoff’s wish was to visit Cottesloe Beach with his family.

Geoff has always loved going to the beach – especially Cottesloe where he regularly walked, cycled and kayaked. Post exercise he enjoyed a coffee and cinnamon scroll while watching the waves roll in.

Geoff, along with his wife and 3 daughters, was recently able to return to Cottesloe to enjoy the sunshine, fresh ocean air and watch the waves roll in. He, and his family, also got to enjoy coffees and cinnamon rolls from Geoff’s favourite North Street store.

Thanks to volunteers Les and Louise for accompanying Geoff on his wish. Additional thanks to Susie, Gary, Kathryn and Toby for organising the beach wheelchair, wish photography and refreshment delivery.

The Ambulance Wish Western Australia final wish programme is only made possible through donations, and so we are extremely grateful to everyone who helps us create special memories for people like Geoff.

If you would like to help our charity fulfil more final wishes and create forever memories, please make a donation to Ambulance Wish Western Australia via

Thank you to Jane Wishaw and the POST Newspapers for featuring a recent wish. Jane came to Cottesloe Beach to photograph Angel Fish, but said she found different angels.