Make an ongoing difference by becoming a Wish Angel!

With an increased number of wishes being fulfilled, Ambulance Wish Western Australia needs to increase its funding to be able to fulfil these wishes. 

What is a Wish Angel?

The Wish Angel Programme allows you to make easy, secure and convenient monthly donations to support the charity. Your donation will allow Ambulance Wish Western Australia to continue fulfilling final wishes and expand the final wish programme. 

Your monthly gift will:
  • help fund final wishes for terminally ill West Australians;
  • ensure we continue to fulfil final wishes – the number of wishes we can fulfil is directly proportional to the value of donations received;
  • provide training and education to our volunteers;
  • ensure the Wish Ambulances are fully equipped and serviced;
  • provide expensive medical equipment which can increase the comfort for wish recipients, such as humidified oxygen; and
  • increase the community’s awareness of the benefits of fulfilling final wishes for wish recipients, their families and care providers.
Why a monthly gift?
  • You make one decision – and your gift keeps working month after month to support a cause you believe in.
  • Giving is more convenient: Once you’ve signed up, your donation becomes automatic until you advise us otherwise;
  • It is affordable: Giving smaller monthly amounts of $20 or $50, or any amount you choose, is an affordable way to support the Charity’s work all year round;
  • You receive a formal Wish Angel certificate recognising your support of Ambulance Wish Western Australia and once your donation total exceeds $2,000, a Wish Angel ‘Thank You Gift Pack’*;
  • Receive receipts at the time of the donation and a donation summary at the end of the financial year. As a DGR registered charity, all donations are tax deductible. 

Your monthly gift makes a real difference to the lives of terminally ill West Australians.

When you become a Wish Angel, your monthly gift:
  • ensures sustainability: A predictable source of income that we can depend on every month means that we have the resources we need to support our vision of final wishes becoming a recognised part of palliative care;
  • helps us plan: Your monthly donation gives us a greater ability to get involved in long-term projects, such as new purpose-designed Wish Ambulances and expansion outside the Perth Metropolitan area.

* Existing monthly donors will automatically become Wish Angels and, if their donations have already exceeded $2,000, will be automatically sent their Wish Angel Thank You Gift Pack.